Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial weekend

We put the slide up Monday and had the usual suspects over for some fun. After everyone had their fill and went home we headed over to Iggys for some free ice cream and family time. Another great weekend with the family!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cassie is movin' on!

My baby girl is growing up way too fast! Cassie had her kindergarten graduation today and it was so so cute! They gave her a speaking part and she had the first line. Her nerves got the better of her half way through her line but she finised and sat down and sang and danced like a champ!
They gave her the cutest diploma and picture of her in a cap and gown.

Afterwards Dad treated us to Golden Corral. We ate and ate and ate then went home and napped! Cassie we are so proud of you and what a wonderful person you are! Congratulations, we cant wait to see what you do next!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


We had quite the adventure to Phoenix this time, with Grandpa and Grandma in an apartment while their new house is being built it was tight quarters but and awful lot of fun anyway. We spent our days finding fun things to do outside of the house. So we went to lots of parks and even went to the zoo in Tucson. This was at the Riparian Preserve in Chandler and saw some ducks with their babies. We even came across a family of Canadian Geese! These parents were very protective and would hiss anytime we got too close. Luckily there was a bench nearby so we could sit and observe with out disturbing them too much.

We made our traditional girls lunch at Sweet Tomatoes.

Later in the week we celebrated Uncle Mikes graduation from ASU!! Wow what an accomplishment for him. ANd what a fun BBQ the next day. The kids got a taste of college life, the girls chilling by the pool,

and Ryan sleeping it off on a recliner by the pool. That boy was TIRED! I finally woke him up and he slammed four marshmallow brownies right before we went home.

Abby was the star of the show and got passed around form grandma to grandma.

Someone slipped her a rice krispy treat while I wasnt looking (dad) and when she was done he brought her in to me looking like this.

On the way home to St George we stopped at In-N-Out Burger for lunch. Abby was so excited to sit up at the table like a big girl. What a fun busy trip it was. We cant wait to go back and see the new house at Christmas time!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A visit and a caveman dinner

Becca and the kids came down to visit and help pass the time before we headed to Phoenix. The first night they were here we have a dino caveman dinner and let the kids eat out on the grass and throw their food and bones around. It was quite fun. Friday night we put the kids to bed and went out for some wings. This has to be the tiniest pickle I have ever seen! Thanks for taking the time to come down Becca! It is always a good time when you are here!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mothers Day

SInce we are traveling to Phoenix for mothers day Jeff gave me my present a bit early. Isnt she a beauty? The girls have also been saving their money for a long time and bought new bikes too! So now we can do family bike rides with Ryan and Abby in a carrier on the back of Jeffs bike. Thanks Jeff!!