Thursday, December 31, 2009

Abbys big day

I can not believe that this is the only picture we took on Abbys big day! We took advantage of having all of Jeffs family in town and blessed Abby on Sunday. My mom and dad came up from Phoenix and Aunt Judy and Uncle Paul came as well from Salt Lake. After Church we came back to the house for soup and family time. We ate and chatted until it was time to go to Grandma Harriesons ward for Gelnns homecoming talk. Grandma and Grandpa Hilton stayed back with Ryan and Cassie so we could enjoy the meeting. After that we came home and had lots of leftovers and played games until Grandpa and Grandma had to leave to go home. What a fun special day we had.

The stockings were hung

Christmas Eve this year was spent with Daniel and Pam and their family. We had yummy chicken pillows and then made cookies for Santa. Abby made a special present for mommy by way of a super blowout. After the children were safely tucked in their beds mom and dad awaitd the arrival of Santa so we could help him set things up. He loved the cookies and milk so much he broke the plate!

The next morning Ryan and abby were the first to wake up so we went into the front room to wait for the girls.

Finally they came down and the real party started. If you are wondering why Jessie is not wearing her jammies, well there was an accident in the night. Oh well thats life I guess. So of course we broke into the stockings first. There was a label maker for mom and pens for dad. The girls got wands for the bathtub, and Ryan got a new truck.

Then we started on the gifts under the tree. There was something for everyone to wear that day. Grandma got us an icecream maker and a super cool scooper. Dad got mom a new dress and some cool baskets for the closet...more on that later. After gifts we had a yummy breakfast and headed to grandmas to hang with the family. What a great end to a wonderful Christmas season. And the last Christmas tradition? Taking down the decorations Christmas day and getting the house ready for the new year.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The wait is finally over!

Jeffs brother Glenn came home from his mission TWO DAYS before Christmas. Can you say best present ever! We arrived at the airport about noon in anticipation for his arrival at 12:20. Then we waited.... and waited.....
and waited......

played a little...

and waited some more.

Abby had lunch while waiting while the rest of us dreamed about the yummy enchiladas waiting for us at home.

Finally at 1 PM!!! His plane touched down on St George soil. We gathered up all the kids and gave them some signs.

Ryan couldnt wait to see this Uncle Glenn he has heard so much about, perhaps he would be a new buddy to wrestle with.

And finally there he was fresh off the plane and finally home.

What a reunion it was and what a lunch we had afterward! The food was so good we forgot to take pictures but trust me there is nothing better. We are so glad to have him back and so proud of the work he did while he was gone.


The last day of school for Cassie was a fun one. They dressed up as Whos or Grinches and made "grinch punch" and watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the cartoon one. I cant believe how cute her cotume turned out. She really looks like Cindy Loo Who.

A little off the top please

This boy does so good with his haircuts so we wanted to get it on film....uh memory card. I am getting better with Jeffs hair too. I love being able to do this for my two boys.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The ward Christmas party was semi formal this year so we broke out all our fancy duds and partied!

There was an awesome musical program and they had the children participate. The girls lookes so sweet sitting up on the stage.

Santa Baby

Third time is the charm. Here is our annual Santa visit.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It wasnt what I wanted

As a little girl I would try to imagine what my life would be like when I was older. What would I look like, who would I be married to, how many kids would I have....Then BAM! Life happened and eight and a half years later here I am and I keep thinking that this was not what I wanted. It is soooooo much better! I could never have dreamed I would be married to a man that was my best friend and such a perfect match for me. There isnt much that we agree on except that not agreeing with eachother makes life interesting. I have four wonderful children and a beautiful home in the perfect spot in the perfect city. Life is good.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Check me out!

Abby had her 2 month check up today and she is packing it on like a champ!

Height 23.03 in 68%
Weight 11.2 lb 52%
Head 35%

Abby goes to bed around 7 or 8 and usually sleeps until 5 or 6 in the morning. She hates being naked and taking baths but loves to tell a good story, usually right after she eats when she still has milk on her chin. She eats like a champ and loves to pull on Cassies hair if she can reach it. She has been sleeping in her own room for almost a month now. She is such a joy in our lives and by far the happiest baby yet for us. We cant wait to see what she does next.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Kickoff

I have been planning this event for a few months now and it is finally here. This year we started the night off with Turkey Rolls, fresh green beans and pears. I broke out the Christmas dishes too so we can enjoy them all season. Then we listened to the Christmas story and talked about why we celebrate Christmas. We also read our first story out of out Christmas book. There is one for each night until Christmas.
Dad helped us finish the countdown calendar, then we hung it up on the wall. Here is hoping Ryan doesnt get to it.

The kids were so excited to get their new pajamas and ornament. My mom gave us each a new ornament every year and I have loved doing the same thing for us. This year Cassie got a special ornament that is a chalkboard with the ABC's on it. Abby of course got her baby's first Christmas ornament. And Jessie and Ryan got cute snowmen.

After a quick costume change we were ready to decorate the tree. It was so fun to tell the girls about each ornament as they put it on the tree. Ryan found his own things to enhance the tree.

Abby didnt quite make it through all of the festivities.

All done with the tree so we moved on to the stockings. I have an awesome friend that made them for us. Everybody has a theme for their stocking, so that on year I cant find a meaningful ornament they get a themed one. Cassie's is Santa, Jessie's is snowmen, Ryan's is gingerbread, and Abby's is candycanes. Their stocking holders also tie in with their theme.

After all that activity it was time for some sugar cookies and the event the girls have been waiting for since Thanksgiving, the breaking of the wishbone! It was pretty even this year but I think Cassie's piece was slightly bigger. Good luck next year Jess!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Where is Ryan?

The girls are at school and the house is clean and quiet.......too quiet. Where is Ryan, not in his room, not with Jeff, wait I think I see his blanket under the table.
The poor guy was so tired he fell asleep under the table. It was a good afternoon. :)