Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Swimming....lots of it!

We have been doing lots and lots of swimming this summer in a few different places. We took the kids to the Washington County Rec Center to enjoy their super awesome pool. Abby thought she was a big girl and kept trying to crawl into the deep end, luckily Cassie was around to help keep an eye on the silly girl. Poor Cass still had her staples in so she couldnt get her full fish on. Sorry Cass!!

Ryans favorite part was the slide. He went down that thing so many times. Thanks for a great night pool we will be back for sure!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The ball game

We finally made it out to a baseball game last night! The kids had a blast, not so much watching the game, but getting balloon animals and dancing and running around. It was a bit hot for Abby, but she did great after we soaked her onesie for her.

We let Cassie take a few pictures. It is always fun to see what she sees.

Seth Leslie and their kiddos joined us later on in the night, and after the game we got some ice cream at McDonalds. It was 11 by the time we got home but the kids are thankfully all still sleeping this morning! We will be hitting up the ball park again for sure it was a great night!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

What to do

What to do when it is melting hot outside and Cassentien cant get her staples wet so no swimming allowed? Go to a movie! Toy Story 3 was excellent and we stayed nice and cool in the theater. I did miss about 10 minutes of the movie since Ryan had to go pee TWICE! But it was still a great time. Thanks for taking us Pam!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Visit to instacare.....$3

Coupon for ice

A sticker for each staple in your head (5)........also free

Being able to call your 6 year old Cassenstein for a week while the gash in her head heals.........priceless!

Story Time

On our weekly trip to the library this week we actually made it there during story time. I left the girls for a minute so Ryan and I could go get some mommy books and when I came back there was a PRINCESS reading a story to the kids! We even made crowns, and the girls got to pose for a picture.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Did I catch a "niner" in there?

Its been nine wonderful years with my best friend! I love you Jeff!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Fun

I have one week left of class then summer kicks up a notch for us, I am studying right now as these pictures download. Whew!! This is what we have been doing when we can get out to take a break... the girls had their second hula performance and did a great job.

We have been spending time at the splash pad which Abby LOVES. Oh and testing out the waterproof camera some more.

We have been making out to the pool at least once a week as well. The older girls are just regular fish now and Ryan loves floating around in the kiddy pool.

Me and Karen and Lilac chilling at the pool.

Abby packing in the fiber at dinner. Silly little creature will NOT let me feed her she mucst do it herself.

We just discovered a family has moved in on our porch! I am not sure what this momma humming bird was thinking when she built this nest but we have had the best time watching her. It is way too high too see if there is an egg in there but I am guessing she might have one from all the time she spends sitting up there. We have big plans starting next week and I am so ready to have some more summer fun!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I guess I shouldnt have left Tucker in charge while I was at school.


Abby has discovered on of the best parts of summer.