Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sleepy head

We had some friends over for dinner a few days ago and after the kids were sent to bed Jessie tried to sneak back down to be part of the action. She didnt make it very long before falling asleep. She was so asleep she didnt even wake up when she had a little "accident" on the stairs. Silly little girl!

Pioneer Day!

We were up early on the 24th to get to the park for the Stake Pancake Breakfast. Jeff was in charge of garbage this year so we took the truck down and Ryan "drove". After some really good pancakes we did a little swinging. Cassie was so excited she can swing herself now! I guess she is ready for kindergarden.
Not only did they have some good breakfast, there were fun activities and great popsicles just as the day was steaming up. This was the button pull booth. Ryan decided it was more fun to swing it around and hit people with it.

Cassie and Jessie made spinners and little dollies with nails and scraps of fabric. Jess was more interested in the popsicles then the activities so I didnt ever get her in a picture. As always it was a fun morning with the family that we look forward to every year.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Camping fun

A few weeks ago we headed out to Williams, Az to meet up with the fam for some camping fun. It was so much fun we are planning on doing it every year. Just maybe a bit earlier in the year when it is cooler. The kids roasted their first marshmallows, and the baby decided they were de-lish! I had four smores with about three marshmallows in eah one!

After smores grandma pulled out some super cool bouncy toys that light up. We had quite the light show going on with all the kids swinging those things around.

The kids slept great in the tent all snuggked up together. It was nice that Ryan was used to sleeping out of the crib because he could just settle in with the girls. There was a few bathroom incidents on both nights spread out between all of us (except dad, that man has a bladder like a tank!) but we slept well inbetween potty runs.

Uncle Joe brought up his four wheelers so dad took the kids for a 12 mile ride to the canyon. They were COVERED in dirt by the time they got there and the girls were done so they rode in the car on the way back.

Oh yeah I cant believe I (A) got that close to the edge (B) let my kids go at all! We were only there for about five minutes and that was plenty with 9 kids under 6 years old.

We spent the afternoon playing beauty parlor and even talked grandma into taking a spin in my beauty chair.

I even did a facial treatment on Adam so he could look more like his daddy.

The last night we were there it rained off and on all night so when we woke up in the morning everything was a lovely wet muddy mess. We packed up quickly and were on our way to Phoenix by 8 that morning. This was the last surprise before we left, ours Dans and Erins cars all had dead batteries. Luckily dad saved the day and jave us all jumps. We spent the next week in Phoenix swimming and hanging out with Grandpa and Grandma. It was hot but very fun.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ryans growing up

My little guy turned 18 months in May and I have been needing to get his photos up since then. I found an awesome photographer off of Craigslist and she came and took some really good pics of Ryan. I cant get over how grown up he looks. Check out Blink Photos to see his photo shoot. As for Ryans stats we apparently only make them in one size....tall and skinny!

weight 24.8 lb 27%
height 34.06 81%

Ryan is such a fun little guy to be around, but he sure makes me tired! He loves to kick, throw and catch...that right I said catch. His doctor said that most kids dont develop that skill until they are 3 or 4. He has a love for animals and of course his Daddy is his favorite person in the whole world. Ryan has been sleeping in the twin bed for a few months now and loves to go get in bed and wait for a story. He also enjoys playing with his sisters and wants to be doing whatever they are doing. I am looking forward to this fall when we will have a few hours each day to be together just us while the girls are at school. I just know too that he is going to love his new baby sister when she comes. We cant wait to see what you do next Buddy!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Farmers Market

We experienced the first bounty from our garden. Four ears of corn and 7 cherry tomatoes. I also picked a watermelon but it was not quite ready yet. SO I baked up some potatoes and that is what we had for lunch after church today. I have never seen the kids so excited to eat vegetables! And the food was so so yummy! I am for sure doing a bigger garden next year.

Take a load off

I have been growing my hair out since I was pregnant with Ryan. As you can see it has gotten quite long and it has been DRIVING ME NUTS! I finally decided that enough was enough and I had a wonderful friend cut it for me in her new salon. We took off 4-5 inches! If you live in St George and want a great haircut from a super cute gal give her a call. I am happy with it but I am definately going shorter just as soon as I can get back over there.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The 4th

Since we have been running here and there doing this and that and we have so much more going on in the next few weeks, we decided to just relax and enjoy the holiday together. After I gave the boys haircuts in the morning we headed down to the park to see what was going on there. We had some watermelon and tried to spit the seeds as far as we could.
We listened to some AWFUL karaoke! But the baby seemed to enjoy the music because she was dancing around in my belly like crazy.

We also played a few games and won some free food coupons.

After the park we came home and cooled off on the slide. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the water and had some friends stop by off and on as the afternoon wore on. I made some awesome hamburgers for dinner and then we settled the girls in to watch a movie while Jeff and I cleaned up from the day. The girls had sacked out by 9 so they missed the fireworks so we went out with Ryan about 9:30 to sit on the porch and wait for the show to start. Ryan fell asleep on Jeffs shoulders about halfway through all the fireworks. After that we headed to bed but there was no sleep to be had since the whole neighborhood kept celebrating with their own fireworks way into the night. It was a fun relaxing holiday and now we are getting ready for the crazy runaround again!