Friday, August 29, 2008

The Hulau

Every year the relief society puts on a Luau with authentic food and entertainment. So we all duded up and headed over to our version of the Polynesian Cultural Center. All week Cassie had been asking me when the "Hulau" was it was very cute.

Ryan made a basket!

Why I love St George II

Free movies in the park! Yeah I know they do this all over. But now they do it in MY city three blocks from my house! So yeah that is really cool and another reason why I LOVE St George. Next movie is Horton Hears a Who I cant wait!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Taking on a renter.

Yeah you read that right Jeff and I have taken in a lost soul. He will be staying with us for about a semester and he is a really fun guy. He used to be a Jim Carey impersonator. Anyway we just decided all this so I thought I would update yall!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Woopie she's THREE!

Yeah I now am the proud owner of a three year old! She turned three on Tuesday while I was winging my way home from Illinois, so we had her birthday today. Ryan decided that he likes birthdays. There were dollar store cheetos, tons of cake and punch galore. He totally skipped his nap and just dove into the cheetos for three hours!
I was lazy this time and bought cupcakes. But I just could not get excited about heating up the whole house to make twelve cupcakes!

No complaints from Jess....
She only had two families come so it was the perfect size party. Here she is opening her gifts. She is such a sweet little girl. Here is some interesting facts about Jessie

Cassie is her favorite person in the whole world
She loves bananas, string cheese, and grapes but will eat anything you give her without complaint
she has recently discovered Strawberry Shortcake and enjoys anything she can get her hands on ie. books movies dolls sheets you name it she wants it
she can draw people that have faces and fingers
she also makes all the people in her coloring books have red eyes, I am not sure what this means but I think it is the mean streak in her displaying itself
she dances and makes up songs everyday
she is always willing to throw away a poopie diaper or help out with whatever else I need her to do
she can dress herself and enjoys making new outfit combinations

Happy Birthday baby girl!! We love you so much and are so lucky to have you in our family!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My long weekend

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I went to Illinois last weekend to celebrate my grandmass 80th birthday. I left last Wednesday night and Jeff drove Ryan and I down to Vegas. We dropped the girls off at a friends house where they stayed until Friday when the went to another friends house until Saturday night when they went to go stay at Jeffs sisters house until Tuesday night. So Thursday morning Ryan and I left at 3:30 am to head to the airport. We made it through security and to our gate with no problems. Ryan fell asleep about 30 seconds into the flight and slept until about 20 minutes before we landed. Yeay!!! Then I met my mom dad and brother Dan at the Chicago airport. We had a three hour car ride to get to my grandmas which was really fun because about halfway through we started taking pictures and we got some really funny ones. Erin flew in later that night and mom and Erin and I spent a few hours trying to get a good picture. We finally gave up and went to bed.

The next morning (Friday) we headed out to Peoria to get some yummy lunch and ice cream. We finally got a good picture of the three of us squeezed into the back of the SUV. Lunch was really good and Emos Ice cream was even better., But I got sick in the middle of ice cream so I couldnt finish it. We spent the rest of the afternoon making dinner and chatting with the family and watching the Olympics. Michael also got in that night.

Saturday we spent going to garage sales (they are really good there) and driving back into Peoria to redo the Emos trip because it didnt end so well the day before and pick up cakes for Grandmas birthday party and Ozzys adoption party. We got back in the afternoon and slept and then went into Tuluca for Grandmas party. It was sooooo good it started out with french bread and flavored olive oil to dip in, then Fried Chicken, Spaghetti, tortolini, green beans and baked potatos. The night was capped off with more olympics at Grandmas.

Sunday we drove about 45 minuted to go to our ward that we went to when we lived in Illinos. It was fun to see people that we haven seen for a while and really funny when everyone would be introduced to Dan and say "little Danny?!?" I grabbed the worlds biggest zuchini on our way out which I think they were giving away but now I am not so sure about. :) Then we were off to my cousin Ozzys adoption party. It was really well put together and once again really fun to see so many relatives that we havent seen in a long time. More Olympics again that night.

Monday was our last day and Erin and I convinced Dan and Dad to take us into Washington to go shopping. I bought some cute jeans at a consignment store and a really cute cell phone chrarm at this cute odds n ends store. That night was more really good food, beef n noodles and corn on the cob. mmmmmmmmm.

We left Tuesday to come home and took a short detour to get real Chicago style Deep Dish Pizza. It was really really good. Ryan was good on the way home and slept most of the time again. We got in 20 minutes early and Jeff wasnt there yetso we got our luggage and went out to wait. It was Jessies birthday so when they picked us up we went and got some dinner before heading home. We got in around midnight and all crashed. It felt so good to be in my own bed and I dont want to leave again for a very very long time!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Yeah Jess was at it again. I am not sure if she has an inner ear problem which keeps her from staying on her feet, or if she is just more wild then Cassie, but I have kissed more major bumps and bruises on her then I ever did with Cassie. We were at lunch at my favorite chinese buffet and the kids were being really good. So we were done eating and the girls and I were going to mosey over to a nearby store to do a little shopping when the next thing I know Jess is falling over sideways and crashes right into a table.
The waitress was really helpful but she thought that the big pink scar on her cheek an the same side of her face (the one from the black eye) was where she hit the table. I wasnt so sure so I kept looking and sure enough I found a big black bump on Jessies ear. As the minutes went by it got bigger and bigger. I probably should have put ice on it but how do you do that when she wont lay down. Well I guess it is a good thing that her hair is always in her face, it will hide all the scars!

Check out my loot!

This is the ring Jeff got me. And his that I gave him for Fathers Day.
The best slippers ever!
And some really comfy shirts from my mom.

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me I live in a tree.......well ok I dont but seing as how the AC decided to poop out yesterday afternoon it feels like we live in a tree. A very very hot tree. I have had a really fun birthday so far and it is only 10 AM! My mom got me some neat books as well as a gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond and some cash to go get some shirts. And Jeff got me a really awesome ring to match his really awesome ring. I will wear this one for daily use and just wear my diamond on special occasions. (because we have so many of those coming up) On this momentous day I would like to thank my family and friends for still being my family and friends. I love you all and I could not be the super awesome 27 year old I am with out all the wonderful influences in my life. (Especialy you Jeff you really are my SUPER BEST FRIEND) :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Goodbye Grandma....for now.

My sweet Grandma Hilton passed away last Tuesday so my family and I ventured up to Bountiful to say goodbye. Jeff was unable to come but I didnt want the kids to miss out on being with their cousins so I decided to bring them with me. It probably wasnt the best idea but it is over now and I cant change what happened so we will move on. We stopped in Beaver to vistit the cheese factory and get some treats for the trip. I wish we had more time to hang out here because it was so peaceful and fun.
This is Saturday night after the funeral. Grandpa was ready to have his house quiet again so we took the kids to Arctic Circle for some ice cream.
Yeah this is pretty much how the girls were all weekend. Fun right?!
Ryan and Adam hanging out together. I am starting to notcie a pattern of Ryan being the "wirey one". All in all the funeral was really good but I am very sad to see my grandma go. She was the most giving woman and always made sure we knew that she was thinking of us even though we didnt live near her. She will be sorely missed but I am happy that she will now be with her sisters again. I love you Grandma!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just one more

My cousin tagged me and I just cant say no to anyone so read or ignore but here I am
Ok, here's what i'm supposed to do:list 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 surprising facts and then tag 5 other people. leave a comment for the people you tag so they know they have been tagged.

1.really good food
2.really good kids
3. being in bed

1. loosing my kids
2. loosing my husband
3. having to sleep on the floor

1. really good food
2. toenail stickers
3. entertaining

1. my left eye is swollen right now
2. I eat in bed
3. I dont get out of bed until at least 8 AM

now i have to tag five people:
1. Becca
2. Kim
3. Cassie
4. Melissa
5. Megan

Monday, August 4, 2008

To Idaho we go!

These are the only pictures I took this weekend in Idaho because I misplaced the camera until our journey home. So these are at a gas station outside of Beaver. I am sure glad to be home.