Thursday, December 20, 2007

Off to Phoenix

We are headed to Phoenix Saturday so I wont be blogging for a week. But be sure and check back at the first of the year as I am sure I will have many fun things to write about. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Big tumble

So I dont have a picture of this mostly because the bruises and scabs hurt a lot worse than they look so I think I will get more sympathy if I dontshow my owies. Tuesday morning I went up to get Ryan and as I was coming down the stairs I slipped backwards and slid a good four steps down the stairs. I ended up with rug burn on both my elbow and my back as well as some deep bruises. Ryan was not hurt but he was very scared and he started screaming. As it was 5:30 in the morning and I made a huge ruckus I woke up Jeff who came scrambling to my rescue......well untill he saw that I was not broken then he went back to bed. Jessie is still talking about the "monster" she heard that night. Jeff tried to tell her it was just mommy but she doesnt want to believe it. I think it is just an exscuse to not go to bed. My elbows still hurt and I will be happy to show you my wounds if you shoot me an e-mail and ask. :)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Merry Christmas 4th ward!

We had our ward Christmas party last night. It was so much fun. The food was great and the program was excellent. It was a live nativity. We couldnt pin the girls down long enough to get a family pic but here are a few from the party.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby Boy

My sweet little guy! The time has simply flown, it has already been six weeks. You get cuter every day. It always amazes me how much my heart fills with love when I hold you. When I am not holding you I am waiting and thinking about the next time you can be in my arms. I am so totally completly head over heels for you. I would smother you with kisses every moment of every day if I could. We wanted and waited for you for so long and now you are here and we are a better more complete family because of you. I LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ryans Swing

Ryan is starting to like his swing more and more. He actually took a nap in it the other day. The girls think it is the coolest swing ever. Jessie is always turning the music on and dancing to it.


We went caroling last night at the St George Care Center it is always fun to bring a smile to their faces when we sing. The children went there a few weeks ago and sang too.


The leaf sucker came by this morning so Jeff went out and swept all the leaves to the street. The girls had so much fun jumping in the big pile. But they got VERY cold too.

Monday, December 10, 2007

One wild Ride

Its been one wild ride.....heres how it went down

What is your husband's name: Jeff

How long have you been married: 6 1/2 Years

How long did you date before you got married: 2 years almost to the day.

Who eats more: Depends on what is in front of me/him

Who sings better: That would be a toss up and definately depends on who you ask. Niether one of us sings very well but the kids dont seem to mind.

Who is smarter: Jeff has the logical side of life on that one but I definately know more useless crap because I read more

Whose temper is worse: Definately me I can get quite testy :)

Who does the dishes: Me unless I can sweet talk Jeff into it

Who pays the bills: Jeff, I cant touch money or it is really wierd I should go to the doctor and see whats wrong with me

Who cooks dinner: Jeff Grills although I must say I made VERY tasty steak last night I do the rest of the cooking because I like to eat things besides burritos and spaghetti

Who drives when you are together: Jeff always Jeff we dont want to die anytime soon so we just let him do the driving

Who is more stubborn: Jeff says me I think he is wait it is me

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong: I am the first to admit that Jeff is wrong..... that was the question right?

Whose parents do you see the most: Since we had Ryan Definately Jeffs mom

Who kissed who first: I did and it was GREAT!

Who asked who out first: I planted the seed in his head that I was available but he did the asking. We went to a pinewood derby and then saw Tarzan in the theater.

Who proposed: Jeff did on Valentines Day at the bank everyone was in on it it was really cute.

Who is more sensitive: I think I win on this one it comes with the quick temper

Who has more friends: Me. I definately have more friends but I think Jeff Knows way more people

Who wears the pants in the family: Its too cold to wear dresses so we both do!

Where did you meet your husband: At church. I was fresh out of High School and Jeff was down from St George I cant say it was love at first sight but I definately had my eye on him.

Where was your first date: Like I said it was a pinewood derby but he came over to the house a few times before then

What was the first thing you said to your husband: HI but I also remember that day in sunday school the teacher said this scripture is so beautiful and I turned to Jeff and said "Like Me!" Jeff still teases me about it!

Where was your first kiss: At my house before he went home

Where did you get engaged: At Deseret First Credit Union behind the teller counter Malissa was at the drive thru with a camera so she could get pictures

Where were you married: Mesa Arizona Temple

How did your reception go: It was so much fun we danced to 'Wild Thing" for our first dance Very "us" dontcha think

Where was the honeymoon: We went to Palm springs......In June.....It was 115 I think it was Jeffs ploy to keep me neked hehehehe

If you could have changed anything about it what would it have been: Even though it wasnt "perfect' I wouldnt change anything about it. It was fun and we have great memories from it

Tag Hillary and Holly

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Ready For christmas?

Ready For Christmas

“Ready for Christmas” she said with a sigh,
As she gave a last touch to the gifts piled high.
Then wearily sat for a moment and read
Til’ soon, very soon, she was nodding her head.

Then quietly spoke a voice in her dream;
“Ready for Christmas, while holding a grudge!
Perhaps you had better let God be the judge.
Why, how can the Christ child come and abide
In a heart that is selfish and filled with pride?”

“Ready for Christmas, when only today
A beggar lad came and you turned him away
Without even a smile to show that you cared!
So little he asked—it could have been spared.”

“Ready for Christmas, You’ve worked, it is true,
But just doing the things that you wanted to do.
Ready for Christmas! Your circle’s too small.
Why, you are not ready for Christmas at all.”

She awoke with a start, and a cry of despair,
“There’s so little time, and I’ve still to prepare!
Oh, Father, forgive me, I see what you mean;
To be ready means more than a house swept clean.”

“Yes, more than the giving of gifts and a tree,
It’s a heart swept clean that He wants to see,
A heart that is free from bitterness, and sin,
Ready for Christmas means ready for Him!”

Friday, December 7, 2007

So Bummed!

So our first big activity of the season was cancelled. :( Every year our ward gets together around the beginning of December and rakes the leaves of all the familys in the ward. It was cancelled because of all the rain we have been having lately. Well at least its not snow! Next up is the stake blood drive next wednesday. Yeah I am so glad that I can give blood again!

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Thank you sooooo much for helping me with my blog. It looks great if I do say so myself. It only took me like four or five hours to figure everything out, which I would never have been able to do with out your help. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Your results:
You are Catwoman

Wonder Woman
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You have had a tough childhood,
you know how to be a thief and exploit others
but you stand up for society's cast-offs.

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Identity Crisis

Jessie is going through an identity crisis at the moment. Whenever anyone askes who she is she says "I'm Cassie". I thought she was trying to be funny at first but she kepps doing it so we are starting to think that she really wants to be Cassie.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Merry Christmas to me

christmas came early to our house this year. We didnt intend on buying a microwave last night but when we found this one in the color we wanted and it was marked down $150 we decided to get it now. so we have spent the last couple of hours trying it out. It is a very cool microwave, and it frees up a whole lot of counter space for me too. Our kitchen is slowly taking shape. The next item on our list is the tile.........that will be a big project.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cassie at 8 months old

I was just going through old pictures and thought I would put this one up to share. (Remind you of anyone Hillary?)

More Pictures

Ryan as a present under the tree.
Grandma O holding brother.
Ummmmmmm Yeah........
Pretty girl Jessie
Ryan expressing how he really feels through his shirt.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Blessed be the baby

Today was brothers big day. He was so cute in his little outfit and he made sure that everyone knew he was around. He slept all through the morning until 30 seconds before it was time to bless him. Then he let out a whimper then a whine then a wail. But as soon as everyone made it to the front he was quiet. It was such a touching moment thinking that his daddy is a worthy priesthood holder and was able to have the oportunity to give him a special blessing. We had a wonderful dinner afterward and got to enjoy what family was able to come.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Too early?

So I know it is a tad early to start decorating for Christmas but I wanted to be sure and have everything out by this weekend for all the family that will be coming over for Ryans baby blessing. I forgot how much stuff we had purchased after Christmas last year so it felt exciting to pull everything out. I LOVE having a big house to decorate I actually have room for all of my nativities!
The one sad thing is all of our outside lights did not work this year. There must have been some sort of a short that went through the strands because we lost 4 strands of icicle lights. But my cows I bought last year to put inthe yard are sooooo cute. I will put a picture of those up soon.

My little Missionary

This is a few photos of Ryans first Sunday. he was a week old and everyone was shoked to see us at Church. But I needed to get out of the house.

Tutu Cute

this is what happens when mommy has a rough night with brother and the girls decide to get themselves dressed. despite the cold weather she stayed in this getup all day. it made me laugh.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Poor Ryan

Whoever told me boys were easier has been seriously wrong so far. The first diaper I ever changed I got peed on and today we had to take him in to get his "hat" removed. It was very traumatic for the both of us. The picture above is of his first "bath". we wiped him down before we went into the doctors.
This a picture of him sleeping it off afterwards. He has been sleeping all day since the procedure and I thought this picture probably sums up exactly how he feels. But everything should be back to normal next week.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Babies, booties, and pink eye.....Oh My!


Well I am sure you have all heard by now the newest member of our family arrived Friday afternoon. He came into the world quietly around 3:10 PM. Well he was quiet his mommy on the other hand did enough screaming for the both of them. Ryan William Osness was the name we finally decided on. He was 7 lb 6 oz and 21 inches long. The doctor said the cord was wrapped around his face twice really tight and that they would have to cut the cord before he could come out the rest of the way. I on the other hand did not feel like waiting for them to do that, which gave me the last bit of motivation I needed to push him out the rest of the way. He had some bruising from the cord but still looked like an angel. I was in a hurry to get home to my family so we hightailed it out of there about 24 hours later. Little did I know what was waiting for me at home. I had been having suspicions about Cassie having pink eye a few days before. By the time I got back it had spread to the other eye and she had so lovingly shared with her sister as well. On top of that Cassie had a severe runny nose and Jessie was starting to go down hill as well. My mom arrived Sunday afternoon which was a lifesaver for me so she could help with the girls who were getting sicker by the minute. We finally were able to get them to a doctor Monday night where Cassie came home with a diagnosis of pink eye, and ear infection, and sinusitis which was causing a sore throat. Jessie had pink eye and a gastric intestinal virus which was causing runny pooh. Things are going much smoother today now that they have been on meds for 24 hours so we hope to get out some pictures of the baby tomorrow.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Cassie took this pic!
I hope everyone had a safe Halloween. The girls had so much fun. Jessie would repeat everything anybody said to her like, "Have Fun!" or "Be safe!" It was really funny. SHe also had to spend about five minutes at each house yelling at the scary decorations. There was one house where the dad had dressed up and was holding the bowl of candy in his lap. He was pretending to be asleep so I warned him that if decided to scare the girls that I would come and ring his doorbell at 3 in the morning when they were up with nightmares. Well apparently he couldnt resist and he scared the crap out of the girls. Poor Jessie shook for about five minutes afterward. On our way home we tried to get her to go back up to that house to show her it was not really scary but she only got as far as the steps. She is no dummy! Cassie got sick earlier in the day and we were really worried she was going to miss all the fun, but I gave her tylenol and had her take a nap and after a three hour nap on the couch she was raring to go. we also spent the afternoon turning my belly into a fishbowl. I figured that I needed to do something with it since there arent many times in my life I will have something that round to decorate! It turned out pretty good. At least everyone in the ward thought it was creative. So after about two and a half hours of walking still no baby. The doctor told me if he doesnt come by next week then we are gonna make him come, so I am thinking that I might just schedule to be induced on Friday afternoon so I have the weekend to recover and Jeff can be with the girls. I still havent decided because I keep hoping he will decide to make his grand entrance on his own. Oh yeah congratulations Erin on your baby bump, lets hope this one is a boy! :)

Monday, October 29, 2007

We made it through

Well we made it through the weekend just fine. Cassie participated in her first primary program and did so good. They had the kids up on the stand the whole time and it was really funny to watch the Sunbeams deteriorate slowly. (not litteraly) When Cassie stood up to sing the first time Jessie stood up and kept saying "Hi Cassie!" That was cute for two reasons because it is the first time that Jessie has said Cassie instead of Sassy and because she was so excited to see her sister. Being the emotionally as well as physically swollen mommy that I am I had to struggle to hold back my proud mommy tears. Cassies line was " I have not seen Jesus Christ, but I trust him and I will follow him" She had the three parts memorized but couldnt remember which part came first. Now that the weekend is over I have to start filling my days up for this week so I dont go crazy. I am off to the church to help out with a funeral and tonight we have a birthday party. I am toying with the idea of having a halloween party Wednesday night before trick or treating but I havent decided yet. I think maybe we will just see if the Gublers want to come over for dinner. That should be easy to cancel if this little guy decides he wants to be an October baby after all.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Still no baby

One week left and he is still a no show. I was having some regular contractions yesterday but I had been doing a whole lot of walking around so they stopped as soon as I was able to lay down. So hopefully this guy is comfortable where he is and will stay in a few days longer so that daddy can be here when he does decide to come.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Baby watch

One week and counting. I cant believe he is holding on so long. I guess he decided mommy needed to learn patience. Jeff is leaving for Salt Lake tomorrow so we had a talk with baby and told him that since he decided to hang on this long he has to hang out a few days longer. And since I really dont want to miss taking the girls trick or treating it wouldnt hurt for him to just wait and come when he was scheduled to come. Which is next Saturday. Anyway just wanted to let everyone know there has been no action yet and we would appreciate your prayers that everything will go smoothly when this little booger does decide to show up.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


After reading Hillarys blog this afternoon she tagged a Heather to share 6 pieces of info that no one knows about. She had two Heathers on her blog but I am just going to assume that I am the one she tagged because I thought it sounded like fun to do. I have now realized that this will probably be harder for me than most because as everyone knows If I am thinking it or doing it you are hearing about it.

#1 sometimes I dont get out of bed til after 9 in the morning and I let Jeff get the girls breakfast. ( I think it makes me a happier mommy)

#2 The last month of each of my pregnancies I carry towels with me everywhere I go because I am afraid of my water breaking in public.

#3 I have a hard time throwing away old magazines and up until a month ago had issues of Better Homes and Gardens and Parents magazines dating all the way back to 2003.

#4 I eat in bed every night and it drives Jeff nuts.

#5 I am still holding on to my dream of being in a beauty pageant. I think I would make a great Mrs. America.

#6 I have a secret fear that no one likes me and I go out of my way to do things to make people like me.

O.K. that last one is kinda sad but I think that Jeff is the only one who knows the extent of that fear and it feels so good to share it.

I have one more that I dont think is very surprising but this is very cleansing for me.

I yell at other drivers when I am driving an dI think that every one else on the road is either and idiot or has their eyes closed.

I feel much better. Rachael you are it!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Halloween!

This is what we did at park day today. It was a lot of fun.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Jeff has spent this week being the handyman. He fixed our tub on wednesday and spent all day today putting in sprinklers in the front yard. He is not quite finished but got quite a bit done for doing it all mstly himself.He did let me holdthe glue when he was putting the pipe together. This picture is from our Las Vegas trip a few weeks ago. We were testing out the still picture part of my video camera. I think it works quite well.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Parade pics

This was at the parade for the rodeo a few weeks ago. They are so cute I had to post them. I think my shirt was kinda funny too. :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

some pictures

These pictures are from Labor day. There is the big Onsess family and the little Osness family. The last two pics are one of my girls and Erins girls after bath time. and one that Cassie took of Jeff. she is turning intoquite the artist with her pictures. If anyone is wondering why I am not in bed at this late hour that would be because of the thing rolling around in my stomach constantly. i think he thinks that my tummy is a punching bag instead of a sleeping bag. I am afraid that I am going to end up with a broken rib before too much longer.

Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm done

My innie is now an outtie. I oficially have seven weeks left and we are all very excited. This month has been a busy one for us. It started out with an Osness family reunion. We had a great weekend and got some great family pictures. Then Jeff had to go out of town for work so Natalie stayed with us. That was so much fun. We did a few puzzles and watched some funny movies. After that my sister came to stay for a few days. She just went home this morning. We watched two parades and got my closet organized. Now I have a few days to get the house pulled together and then we head to Vegas for a last fling without the children. Next week we have Cassies birthday and then it will be October!I know this will not surprise any of you but I also put up my Halloween decorations today. Oh yeah we also left our windows open all night for the first time this season. It is still nice outside and it is noon!

Monday, August 20, 2007

We are #1!

We are oficially the coolest family in St George as of Saturday. On Saturday we went to the park to see what was going on. They were doing a Family Fun Day and the had all sorts of activities including Family Olympics. We thought what the heck we dont have anything better to do so we signed up. There were 8 activities ranging from a frisbee toss to an obstacle course to a dunk tank. We thught there is no way we would win anything because we had two little kids and a fatso (me) on our team but we did it all anyway. So we turned our scorecard in and Jeff ran to get us some lunch. He made it back just in time for them to announce the we had won first place! We were shocked. We won a year membership to Sand Hollow which is an indoor pool in town. It is a $400 value so we thought that was kinda neat. Jessie had a good birthday yesterday as well. We had the fam over for cupcakes and we got her a really cool rocking horse.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Good day

As I am sure you all know the holiday we refer to as Heatherpalooza (my birthday) was celebrated all over the country this past weekend. There were many events going on which included a fair (washington county fair) a parade (Wa County fair parade) a BBQ (yes that was for my birthday) and many more fun things! We had a super weekend and I want to thank all of you who called or wrote or sent big gifts! For those of you who chose not to participate in this most fun and exciting holiday you may make up for it by sending $50 to me at my home address.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

So Busy

It looks like everyone has gotten really busy lately because no one is updating their blogs. Here is what we have been doing since the begining of the month.

Aunt Hillary was in town so we went to visit her and Sara. The next day we had everyone over for pizza. Last Friday we left for Idaho Falls for Jeffs mission reunion. I had been looking forward to that for a while because I am boiling in St George. The girls were really good on the trip and we only had to stop twice once for breakfast and again for lunch. At lunch we stopped by my Grandpa and Grandmas house for a few minutes and Jessie got out of the car and ran full speed with her arms wide open straight to Grandma. It was really cute. We got to go to a rodeo in Idaho but did not stay very long because it was quite windy and the girls were kind of tired. We made it home Sunday afternoon and got back to our routine. On Tuesday we went to go to Best Buy to look at video cameras but I wanted to stop by the mall to look at pants first. So Jeff took the girls to Sears and stumbled upon a cook top the had been marked down to $300 from $650. It was a nice cream color and we decided that we would never find something that cheap again so we bought it. I had asked at the store if it would be easy to install and Jeff said. Oh yeah its only three wires. Four hours, one new tool and and two days later he got it in and it is beautiful! It makes the kitchen look really good. So now yall are caught up with us. I do have photos and video of a lot of this stuff but I am not on the right computer to post it. SO you may get that later but you may not! :)

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

so cute

Last night we did a late dinner at Cafe Rio. We were almost done eating when Cassie got the hiccups. I said oh Cassie has the hiccups and she said no its not its my heart beep. It was the cutest thing ever.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


The only excuse I have for the story I am about to tell is fatigue and a little syndrome I like to call baby brain. This morning neither Jeff nor I wanted to get out of bed so we didnt until we absolutely had to. I made breakfast andwe all ate together then Jeff went into the office to do a few things while I started to get my lesson pulled together for Sunday School. By the time I was finished we had about a half hour to get everyone ready for church so I rushed the girls upstairs to get their dresses on which we did. Unfortunately there were no diapers upstairs so I had to go down and get one. Well we all went down and I did my hair and then the girls hair and then I got dressed. By this time we had to get going so we put shoes on and rushed out the door. Well we were about halfway through Sacrament and Jessie was sitting on my lap and I was rubbing her leg. I thought something felt funny so I kept rubbing and then realized that I had completly forgotten to put a diaper back on Jessie! She had been running around with nothing covering her bum for hours!!! As soon as I got a diaper on her she peed too so it was a good thing that I noticed.

Yes we have no ice cream....

The other day I wanted some chocolate ice cream really bad so we went down to McDonalds to get some. When we got there they first told us that the macine was broken so they didnt have any, then the guy said no I fixed it you can order ice cream. So I ordered again I sain can we have two chocolate and two vanilla cones. Well the guy looked at me like I had asked him to sprinkle cockroached on top and then he says, We havent had chocolate ice cream in like 6 years. I think a simple we dont have chocolate would have worked just fine! ANyway so we all got vanilla and when we went to go pick them up the machine kept spurting and spraying everywhere so he obviously did not fix the machine. But we had fun and had a funny story to tell to everyone later.