Sunday, October 31, 2010

This ones gonna cost you (it was totally worth it!)

So I had to bribe Jeff to wear the bumble bee costume but it was totally worth it! We had the cutest monkey dinosaur bat and vampire this year!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And the award goes to.....

Cassie Osness for outstanding achievement in Photography!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bye friends!

Our San Diego friends were headed home after a summer full of fun so we had one last hurrah at Stahlei Farms. There was the red neck trampoline. cattle roping
and of course the corn maze. We had a great summer guys!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

One is so much FUN!

My baby girl is one and she is such a doll! Abby is known around town for her crazy hair and her kisses. She likes to say Buh Bye and Dada. Every morning and afternoon after her nap we try to sneak down the hall to daddys office but we never make it all the way cause she gets so excited she starts saying dada in a really loud whisper. Abby can stand up on her own and even take a few steps but only if it is HER idea. She also loves having a blankie around but isnt particular to any certain one. She loves loves loves her sisters and brother and will giggle even if the just walk into the room. Abby has been known to strip herself at bedtime so mommy has to take extra precautions to keep her clothed. She wont sit paitiently for anything unless you have her shoes and socks because that means we are getting outta town! We are so blessed to have another bright happy child in the family. We love you Abbers!

A birthday haunting

I had started to plan Cassies tea party bithday when she came home from school and said I want a Halloween party! Well I thought that should be easy so lets do it! Cassie was a vampire, I looked like a drag queen but was supposed to be a witch.
We had fairies and pirates and even a mummy and a bat!

The crazy weather was awesome, we knew there was a chance of rain but there wasnt a cloud in the sky so we set up outside and at 5 on the dot the clouds came in and the rain came down and down and down. So we did what we could inside and then I sent them out to play in the rain. It actually added to the experience. Cassie had a great birthday party and even journaled about it at school that next week. She wrote "I know my mommy loves me because she gave me a fun party." That made it all worth it!