Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I swear I do laundry every week. But some weeks it seems to pile up faster then others. This week was one of those, and I was dealing with a sad stuffy nose baby too. So what do you do.......

Let her help! She actually sat in there for a long time happy as a clam. I think it was a combination of the warm room and the white noise from the dryer that helped keep her happy. Now if I could just get her to start folding it!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Girls weekend

Jeff had to go out of town for work last weekend so my super awesome friend came down to keep me sane. Here is a little of what went on that weekend. We kept super clean in the tub,
We took advantage of the few hours of sun Saturday afternoon and went to the new park in town.

There was a friendly competition for a pretty girls affections.......I dont think Ryan won that round.
There were some great games of do as I am doing...

And of course the moms had a blast too.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Dont ask.......I have no clue how she did this.

Monday, January 18, 2010


I have successfully cloned Jessie. Did a good job too.The other night Ryan was having a hard time going to sleep. Mostly because he kept getting out of bed and trying to hang out with us. The first two times he did it he came walking into the back room thinking we would let him stay up. Nope he went right back to bed. A few hours later Jeff and I headed to the bedroom to go to bed and we found Ryan sitting in bed watching T.V. "Hi mom" he says. Man I hate it when he is doing something naughty but being so cute about it! So of course we let him stay up a little longer. I just had to add this one since it was so so cute. He just wants to be like his daddy.

It is time

I can not believe that I am actually posting these but it has to be done. IT IS TIME! We joined a gym and we are gonna get fit. So far so good. Jeff has been riding his bike there in the early mornings and the kids and I get over there around 9 in the morning. I really enjoy the classes, I have been doing some yoga and Zumba. These were taken the beginning of January.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Party like its 2010....cause it IS!

2009 came to a close in a great bingey fashion. My friend Lisa took me to the seafood/sushi buffet for lunch. I have been keeping an eye on her pup while she has been a world traveler for the holidays. That night we had our first of many Hen Partys. Jeff took off with Seth to see how St George's finest do keep the peace on New Years Eve. So I had all my lady friends over for more binge eating and game playing. I was so sick from eating by the end of the night I LOVED IT! :)