Monday, March 24, 2008


I must say I no longer allow blue snow cones!
While I am away in Phoenix I have decided to give myself a break from the blog. I will definately updat when I get back and I promise to change the absolutely annoying background too.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St Pattys Day!

The kids wanted to celebrate in a uniqe way so we permed and dyed their hair. hehehe Ok Just kidding check back soon to see our special St Pattys Day dinner.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cassies growing up

I wanted to document some of the really funny things that Cassie has been saying lately. She has in formed me in the last two weeks that 1. When she turns five she is going to have pink hair 2. She is also going to take all her money from her bank account when she is five 3. She told me she need car insurance and 4 when she is 16 she is going to live in an apartment. The way she says these things is half the fun of hearing it they usually come out on a car ride to or from someplace and always out of the blue.

Drooling good time!

Cassie drew some really great pictures on the sidewalk at a birthday party we were at on Wednesday.
Jessica enjoyed the cupcakes.


And Ryan? Well he had a drooling good time!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I have not forgotten!

I am going to be completly honest, I didnt forget about my blog I have simply put it off for a while. I guess you could say I needed a break from something and this was the easiest thing to let go for a while. We also havent done much that has been that interesting, but since I am doing this in lieu of a journal here is the rundown. Over last weekend I did a quick run to Delaware to meet the doctor that will be doing my egg donation (anyone interested in that more can ask me in person) Jeff stayed with the kids in Vegas at Nancys house. I also started my injections for the egg donation on Friday. This week I made my friend had her baby so I made some bread and dropped it off at her house. I guess I am getting goo at the bread making cause I have had a few people offer to pay me for my bread! :) That makes me feel good. I helped Grandma Harrison with Crystals schedule this week since she wasnt able to get off work for some of Crystals appointments. And today we got our famliy pictures taken. The girls were kinda struggling to be good so we will see how the pics turned out. Next week Becca comes into town and she will be staying here since Jeff will be in Oklahoma for work. I am excited to have her visit (hi Becca) I didnt realize how much I was going to miss having such a good friend around all the time. So that is what has been happening around here.