Saturday, March 28, 2009

Real Farmers

We spent the day working on our garden. We let the girls pick out what we were going to grow this year and this is what they came up with. Tomatoes (I chose cherry) corn, watermelon and sunflowers. I also decided to try to grow some basil. We spent all afternoon working and then stretched out in the grass and took a nap. After naps I gave the boys haircuts and then it was time to wash up. While we were taking our baths I noticed we all had some nice farmer tans! Well I guess you cant be a real farmer with out it.

Friday, March 27, 2009

So good

There were no pictures of what we did today but I do believe that the look on Ryans face as he eats his chocolate cake is how I felt about today. The girls spent the morning at a friends house so I decided to ditch the housework today and Ryan and I took some time to start demo on the "pink bathroom". The granite is being installed in a little over a week so I have quite a lot of work to do before then. After that Ryan set up a throwing game in the back room. He brought out a bucket and set it up, then grabbed a bunch of his bouncy balls and started trying to throw them into the bucket. He was very impressive using both his right and left hand to throw. He didnt actually make a bucket but it was sure fun to watch him. After that we got dressed and went outside to play with the bunnies and check out the construction going on next door. For lunch we all went on a bike ride to grandmas bank and then Cafe Rio. When we got to Cafe Rio we saw that the furniture store was doing free hot dogs and a bounce house so we did that instead. The girls did awesome riding their bikes and Ryan LOVED the buggy atatched to the back of Daddys bike. To top the day off there was a family primary activity at the church with ice cream sundays at the end. If only everyday could be this fun, but then I guess my house would look like a disaster zone quite quickly.

Monday, March 23, 2009

We're Baaaaaaack

What a fun week in Phoenix! I decided to make it a wire free week, so I didnt blog check my e-mail or go on Facebook for the whole week. I read 4 1/2 books and took some good naps! Oh, we also got a lot of other stuff in too. This is Ryan and Roslyn before the trip. Roslyns mommy Lilac came to help me get the house and car ready for the trip. She also watched the bunnies while we were gone. I dont know what I would do with out her she is such a blessing in my life. We had to stop a Walmart to get some goodies for the trip.

Ryan couldnt wait to eat the cheetos.
Jessie and Ryan also needed sandals for the summer, so I took them shoe shopping while Cassie was at school. They were soo good that I bought them suckers.

We left Friday night and spent the night at Nancys house in Las Vegas. Saturday morning I helped her make bread and got the car washed and then we were on our way. We arrived in Phoenix Saturday around dinner time. The trip went wonderful and was very fast. There was a little bit of a slow up at the dam but we always expect that. When we finally let the kids loose in the back yard Ryan and his cousin Montana had a blast driving each other around in the various wheeled vehicles. Sunday was relaxing and uneventful. And Monday we spent hanging out. I did have to seek out a Schlotskys Deli for lunch. We went to bed early because we are headed to Tucson the next morning to go to the zoo with Erin and her girls. Here are the kids at the zoo when we firt got there. They were still happy and fresh at this point.
Ryan found some escapees and tried to corall them back into a cage.

When we stopped for lunch the girls found something to entertain them for a long time.

It was definately spring at the zoo! This guy was strutting his stuff for a pretty white female and a turtle that wouldnt leave the two alone. When the peacock first fanned out his tail Cassie turned around to look at us, started jumping up and down with one finger in the air going "YES! YES! YES!" It was so cute how excited she was.
By the time we had made it around to this part of the zoo Cassies enthusiasm was waning. So she didnt get in the turtle with the others.

Luckily there was an indoor exhibit nearby that had crayons and paper to color, so we took a breather there and let the kids run around some more. Jessie took this picture for us. I think she was going for an artistic angle.
We conned a lady into taking a picture of all of us, which was way easier said then done. The kids were tired and just wanted to go color but I think this one turned out ok.

And finally at the end of the trip I wanted a picture of me and the kids but Cassie was tired of being chased by paparazi. We took the kids to McDonalds afterwards and had chicken nuggets and ice cream. Then we headed home to get dinner on the table for the boys. Jeff left the next day for Oklahoma and me missed him so much!

Here are my two lovelies at Costco. I love it when they are so sweet to eachother.

I believe this was Thursday night after Taco Salad. We gave all the kiddos popsickles and sent them outside to play.

Friday my Dan Mike Joe and Dad all took off work to watch March Madness games so all the girls packed up some lunch and most of the kids (baby Anna stayed at home to nap) and went to the park. We ate lunch first.

Feeding 11 kids is easier said then done. But went rather smoothly.

One last picture before we let them loose. We had and eight year old, two six year olds, two five year olds, two three year olds, and four one year olds. Whew!

While we let the kids run loose and play, Erin, Jen my Mom and I had a family reunion meeting. It went well and I am looking forward to July when we get together with the Hilton cousins. After the kids got good and sweaty Erin and Jen began to heard them back to the curb so we could go home. As each one would return I would say "ONE!" or whatever number they were. There was a little boy who wanted to be counted so he ran over and sat down and said "Can I be ten?" it was so cute! Erin didnt even notice that we had an extra until we were leaving. Here they are after they have all been counted.

Friday was also Grandpas 60th birthday, so while he was out that morning the girls helped me decorate the living room for him. Grandpa wanted a picture of him with his posterity. I think the kids were so over having their picture taken so it was quite funny to watch this all go down.

Erin spent the night that night so after things had calmed down a bit we managed to throw the girls in the tub. I would wash them then Erin woulr dry them and dress them. It was a good system and we were done quickly. Then we put them on the couch for some story time.
Saturday was more B-ball for the guys and more playing for us. Erin and I took a few of the kids and did some garage sailing. I got Jessie a big girl bike and found a cool ride on tractor for Ryan. We were really missing Daddy by today and Ryan thought he could wrestle with me, but I wasnt having it. We had an egg hunt in the afternoon after some swimming and lunch and more swimming.

Ryan caught on quickly but was happy with just a few eggs.

Sunday morning we picked Dad up from the airport and headed home. We got home about 6 last night and the girls wanted to try out Jessies new bike. We put the kids to bed early and Jeff went to get some milk and dinner for us.It was such a fun time and I am already planning our trip back in August. I am glad to be home and happy to have this post done so I can get all my other work done!

Friday, March 13, 2009

To grandmothers house we go

We leave this afternoon to head down to Phoenix so I am having to force myself to get moving so I can get everything done before we go. Still to do, Clean out the car, wash the car, do the dishes, make the beds, and get the yard cleaned up. At least all the packing is done.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Boys and girls night out

Last night Jeff and I enjoyed a night out. SOme of it was together and some was apart. Both activities were a blast! We started our night at a Death by Chocolate event put on by the Keller Williams Realty Group here in ST George. It was a pregnant womans dream! Chocolate fountain when you first walk in with fresh fruit, marshmallows and cinnamon bears to dip. There were excellent appetizers as well as a whole room laid out with all kinds of chocolate delights. Every corner we turned we came upon another room filled with more food and chocolate. After stuffing ourselves to the point where I had to unbutton the pants (not a hard feat at this point for me) we headed off to DI to walk around with out the kiddos. Then Jeff took the boys, Kaden Kyler and Ryan to a DSC basketball game. I went off with my girls to meet up with Makinzie, and the Barnum girls. We watched the Jetett Review at DHS. The girls were really excited to see all the dancing and they also had some friends performing there. Jessie even got up to dance on the sidelines a few times. We arrived home about 9:15 and I was sure Jeff would be walking in the door anyminute with a cranky baby. But they stayed for the whole game! Jeff said the Ryan couldnt get enough of the basketball game but also spent a good amount of time flirting with some girls sitting in front of them. I am sure Ryan got his love of "the game" from my side of the family and I cant wait for my dad to be able to take him to some games in Phoenix. It was a fun night out with the hubby and such a great time with the girls too.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pay it forward

The first 3 people to leave a comment on this post will receive a handmade gift from me during this year. When and what will be a surprise. There's a small catch though...Post this same thing on your own blog and then come back and leave a comment telling me you're in. Remember, only the first 3 comments receive the gift. I am so excited to try this! :)