Monday, August 20, 2007

We are #1!

We are oficially the coolest family in St George as of Saturday. On Saturday we went to the park to see what was going on. They were doing a Family Fun Day and the had all sorts of activities including Family Olympics. We thought what the heck we dont have anything better to do so we signed up. There were 8 activities ranging from a frisbee toss to an obstacle course to a dunk tank. We thught there is no way we would win anything because we had two little kids and a fatso (me) on our team but we did it all anyway. So we turned our scorecard in and Jeff ran to get us some lunch. He made it back just in time for them to announce the we had won first place! We were shocked. We won a year membership to Sand Hollow which is an indoor pool in town. It is a $400 value so we thought that was kinda neat. Jessie had a good birthday yesterday as well. We had the fam over for cupcakes and we got her a really cool rocking horse.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Good day

As I am sure you all know the holiday we refer to as Heatherpalooza (my birthday) was celebrated all over the country this past weekend. There were many events going on which included a fair (washington county fair) a parade (Wa County fair parade) a BBQ (yes that was for my birthday) and many more fun things! We had a super weekend and I want to thank all of you who called or wrote or sent big gifts! For those of you who chose not to participate in this most fun and exciting holiday you may make up for it by sending $50 to me at my home address.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

So Busy

It looks like everyone has gotten really busy lately because no one is updating their blogs. Here is what we have been doing since the begining of the month.

Aunt Hillary was in town so we went to visit her and Sara. The next day we had everyone over for pizza. Last Friday we left for Idaho Falls for Jeffs mission reunion. I had been looking forward to that for a while because I am boiling in St George. The girls were really good on the trip and we only had to stop twice once for breakfast and again for lunch. At lunch we stopped by my Grandpa and Grandmas house for a few minutes and Jessie got out of the car and ran full speed with her arms wide open straight to Grandma. It was really cute. We got to go to a rodeo in Idaho but did not stay very long because it was quite windy and the girls were kind of tired. We made it home Sunday afternoon and got back to our routine. On Tuesday we went to go to Best Buy to look at video cameras but I wanted to stop by the mall to look at pants first. So Jeff took the girls to Sears and stumbled upon a cook top the had been marked down to $300 from $650. It was a nice cream color and we decided that we would never find something that cheap again so we bought it. I had asked at the store if it would be easy to install and Jeff said. Oh yeah its only three wires. Four hours, one new tool and and two days later he got it in and it is beautiful! It makes the kitchen look really good. So now yall are caught up with us. I do have photos and video of a lot of this stuff but I am not on the right computer to post it. SO you may get that later but you may not! :)