Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hanging at the park

We litterally were hanging around on Tuesday at the park. It was a perfect day for lunch and relaxation.

Las Vegas

Last Saturday we headed down to Las Vegas to hang out with Nancys family. We had a blast Saturday night with Nancy and Randy while Ingrid watched all the kiddos for us. Then Sunday morning we all ventured to church including Roger and Hillary and their kids, who had gotten in that morning from San Francisco. After church Spencer was ordained an Elder and then we all went back to the house to eat and hangout. I got to cuddle with sweet little Will while his mommy was taking a nap. The kids had a blast hanging out with each other. I had given the camera to Ingrid to take pictures so I could hang out with the adults in the living room. She did a great job.

Ward Party 2009

The ward spring party was this past Friday and it was a blast! There was a lot of good food and great conversation. We also played some waterballoon volleyball game. We stayed late despite the fact we were headed to Las Vegas the next day to hang out with Nancy. Just chillin with the guys.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The graduate

Cassie graduated from Pre-school on Wednesday so we decided to take her to lunch to celebrate. We went to Fazolis and had LOTS of breadsticks. Then is was off to the graduation. I took lots of video of the ceremony, they sang all the songs they learned and recited some poems too. It was funny to watch all the stubborn little boys sit in their chairs and not particioate. Looking forward to those days with Ryan!
This is her little class.

Here she is all grown up in her cap and gown.
We had to take a few of the car pool crowd. 3 boys and Cassie. What a fun bunch of kids.
And her first (hopefully not the last) walk through the big D. Cass you are so smart and fun and sassy! We love you so much and are proud of the great things you learned in pre-school. Jessie cant wait to follow in your footsteps next year. We are so excited to watch you turn into such a lovely young woman.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No fence, no dog

no I dont want to talk about it.......stupid P.A.W.S. rules. :<

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

After tomorrow she is ours!

As long as everything is kosher with P.A.W.S. tomorrow we get to keep her. Now I get to work on training her.

Meet Molly

This is Molly. I saved her from a pet store on Sunday. Why was I at a pet store on Sunday? Long story. Sunday afternoon I recieved a phone call from a lady down the street asking if I wanted some puppies. Her daughter had found two puppies in a box in the gutter on main street and they needed a home. I told her to bring them over and I would take a look at them. They were only about 4 weeks old and not supposed to be away from their mom yet so I offered to take care of them while we looked for the mom. So off to the pet store we went to get them some formula. I was not looking forward to having to get up every few hours to feed them but it needed to be done. So while I was standing in line an employee came over with this dog and said the owner had just dropped her off and said she didnt want her anymore. Well I figured I would be taking a trip to the pound on Monday anyway so I offered to take her overnight. She was so scared I had to carry her out to the car. But she learned very quickly who her momma was. She is still on trial to see if she fits well into the family but so far so good. She is protective but doesnt bite, she is good with the kids, and loves car rides and walks. Her two biggest problems right now are remembering to go poo poo outside and the fact that she makes me itchy. I am hoping the itchy goes away and the poop thing has been fine as long as I catch her before she does it. We arent sure of her breed but she is still a puppy for sure I would guess around a year old. Oh and she likes to chew, but we have plent of things that we dont mind letting her chew on. She has her paw on a gatorade bottle that she worked on for a while. She and Ryan were having a blast getting into things together this morning. As soon as I got back from the pet store I got a phone call from the neighbor saying she found the mommy. It was some long dramatic story that I was happy to not listen to! All I know is I dont have to feed them every 4 hours. I also found the origins of Molly which I will blog about later.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

No more projects!

Once this bathroom gets finished I am done with projects for a while. We just have a few finishing touches left in the bathroom and it is done! Friday night we had a DFCU reunion and had some old friends over for dinner. It was so fun to see how we have all grown up! Eight years ago we were all newly engaged and preparing for our up coming marriages. We all were married within weeks of each other in June. Now we all have families and homes and PROJECTS! Saturday was a busy day for me, we have been planning a Super Saturday for months and today was the day! I arrived at church at 8 this morning to help set up. I also taught a breadmaking class which was very popular. It was a lot of work but turned out well in the end. I am glad it is over!! It is not like me but I failed to take pictures of any of these events but I am hoping to get some from Cassie of the BBQ friday night.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend despite the cold temps and some rain Saturday morning. Thursday night we headed over to the College for some games and an egg hunt. Cassie was in a potato sack race and did quite a good job.
There were so many kids there and the definitely did not plan for all of them so we kept Ryan away from the scramble. He was happy to watch from the sidelines with Jessie who also was content to just watch.

Friday morning we dyed eggs. Ryan did a good job of keeping the mess to he minimum and the girls spent about an hour painting them after we dyed them. I had to tear Cassie away because Ryan kept trying to "help" long after he was done with his two eggs.

Saturday morning met us with clouds and rain but we were hard core and bundled the kids up and headed off to the egg hunt at the park. They all enjoyed the hunt despite the rain and afterward we headed home for some hot chocolate. We all met at Daniel and Pams for lunch and even Nancy and Randy made it up from Las Vegas. After lunch we had another egg hunt. This time there were so many eggs and just a few kids so everyone could take their time and enjoy looking for eggs. Saturday night we all went over to grandmas for dinner and to spend some time with Nancy and Randy and the cousins.

Sunday morning we got all purdied up and headed off to church. Grandma found this cute dress at kid to kid and just had to buy it. Jessie was lucky to be the one who fit into that size so she ended up with the dress. It is a great color for her.

After church we walked home to find the easter bunny had dropped of a few goodies for the kids including some skates for the girls. That afternoon we headed over to Malissa and Kieths for lunch and to celebrate Kadens birthday. Malissa made some killer turkey it was so moist and yummy my mouth is watering just thinking about it. We had a great afternoon hanging out with the family before Nancy had to head back home. It was a great weekend filled with family and a perfect way to celebrate.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Double Trouble?

I had an appointment with the doctor yesterday and we were able to hear the heartbeat for the first time. We were then able to hear the second heartbeat. Yeah the doctor scared me for a minute too after a quick ultra sound it was thankfully determined that the "second heartbeat" we heard we only the cord pulse. On a less scary note I felt the little bug for the first time on Tuesday. It was quite a little jump he gave me, but such a fun feeling to have. (No we dont know it is a "he" but that is what my guess is so until furthur notice that is what we will call him)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Almost finished

Ryan took every opportunity to help dad out under the sink.
Here is a before, dont miss the lovely green sink in the corner!

And aaaahhhhh the after. It looks so good. Now there is just some dust to clean up and a few other minor things to take care of. As you can see we still have some lovely backsplash that needs to be taken care of, but we are saving that for another time.

Oh I just love my new sink. It is granite composite and really really deep. I cant wait to make some bread tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I wonder

You have to wonder what your kids have been up to when you find three paper clips and a blue marble at the bottom of your washer.