Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Baby blessing and Memorial Day

We attended a family baby blessing on Sunday and had a super sawesome BBQ afterwards. This is three of the little guys getting into what they thought was trouble. Little did they know we were watching them from a safe distance. Ryan was insistant that he wanted to hold this little baby, so we let him give it a go. It wasnt as much fun as he thought it would be and he got bored real quick.
Monday we had our official first BBQ of the season and spent the whole day just relaxing in the shade and eating.

The girls had some friends spend the night the night before, so they didnt get to sleep until around midnight and were up with the sun the next morning. Jessie and Ryan found time to nap Monday afternoon but Cassie held out all day and crashed that night. She slept until 9:30 this morning and is still "resting: on my bed at this moment.

We had a fun great day with friends and cant wait for the next BBQ.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The visit

My parents found their way to our neck of the woods after they hiked the Grand Canyon this week. Grandma started to come down with a sinus infection on Friday so she took it easy but was still a trooper and let me drag her to the Farmers Market Saturday morning. The kids were thrilled to have a larger adoring audience and took advantage of it at every opportunity. Grandpa bought himself an I pod so he could download songs for the drive home, so he and Jeff fidled with that in the afternoon while mom and I relaxed on the porch. We also broke out the slide for the first time this year. Ryan was happy to sit at a distance and watch the action but the girls got right on and played away for a few hours. We went to my favorite chineese bufet for dinner and about a half an hour after arriving THREE busses full of tourists pulled up and they came pouring inside. There were so many they were making everyone share tables! And forget about finding any food every scrap was gone from every tray. It was very fun to watch all the action but I have a huge aversion to large crowds of people so I couldnt stay long, also I am sure they were happy to be able to give our table to the newcomers. Then we came home and watched the wind blow and blow. While we were sitting in the front room the back room and kitchen was getting an inside dust storn since I didnt think to close the doors. There was dirt everywhere!!! I should have taken a picture but I was just so shocked at all the dirt and so excited to use my new vaccum to clean it up. Ryan went to get his ball popper to "help" clean up too. It was a great fun weekend and we were sad to see it end, but I am sure Grandma will be happy to be in her own bed tonight. Thanks for coming guys!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Half Baked

Today is the half way mark for baby girl. She has been making her presence known more and more lately and reminds me when I havent eaten in a while. I am thinking she is going to like being on a schedule because Jeff can time down to the minute when he find my head poked in the fridge or cupboard looking for something to eat. The doctor said everything is going great and I am gaining weight like a champ so that is always good news. Here is hoping that the next 20 weeks are as easy as the first.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

True Love

You know he loves you when he goes back to the store and spends twice as much to get the one you really wanted! Thanks Jeff I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!! ( I promise to not leave it laying around to attack you)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Break out the bows!

Its a GIRL!!! It would have been impossible to not find out what we were having because the first thing I saw on the screen was her cute little behind for all the world to see. I said it must be a girl because I dont see any boy parts, and I was right. I gotta go get her some cute clothes!!

Say Cheese!

Our semi annual trip to the dentist brought us good news. They all checked out great and we are on track for Cassies first set of permanent chompers. The dentist said that we should expect to see her 6 year molars in the next few months. The next appointment in November will be Ryans first dentist appointment.

Wii are the champions!

After the Fathers and Sons on Saturday there was an Elders Quorum Wii party that night. It was so fun and really easy to put together. I am proud to say that I went home with the championship winner! I am gearing up for next time so I can kick Jeffs butt!

Fathers And Sons

This is the aftermath from a weekend of hard partying. we were a house of snoozers on Sunday!
I could not get a great picture of Ryan and his outfit but he was so disgusing! We let him sleep it off in the shade for a while. Then I came and woke him up, stripped him down, and threw him in the tub. That was some dirty water!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm Beat

I could not be anymore tired! Cassie Jessie and I just spent four hours tearing up the town on a shopping binge. Jeff left about 1 this afternoon with Ryan to go camping, so it was just us girls. We had a strategy all planned out, we started at Target where I got a few shirts on super sale. Next came Ross where we found some really cute swim cover ups for 5 bucks. I also got a few shirts there. After that we were off to K mart where we found some rocking sandals that are sparkly and so fun! They were buy one get one half off so they ended up being 6 bucks a piece! After K mart was Costco to get Jessie a new swimsuit and soem sundresses for the family picture. After Costco we were all just about out of steam so we went to dinner at Panda Express then hopped next door for some really really big bottles of shampoo and conditioner. They were about 8 bucks for a gallon of shampoo, WOW. I also let the girls pick out a small bottle of nail polish for tonight, they chose bright purple. The last stop of the night was to Smiths for lots and lots of milk. I had my rest and now we are ready to party again! We are going to paint nails and watch a movie, then I am so ready for bed. But oh what a fun day with my girls. I cant wait untill next year!

See ya!

After seven years with my old vacuum and about three rolls of duct tape to keep it together we finally got a new vacuum yesterday. There are things I miss about my old one, but this one is great and even cheaper then we were planning on. It got an excellent rating with consumer reports and we bought it at Costco so I am sure we will be very happy with it. I know my floors are happy! Thanks Jeff!!

Thanks for coming!

Our bestest friends that used to live here cameto visit all the way from Washington this week. Not Washington city Washington STATE! I was sure when they moved so far away that we would never see them again but they happen to be in Salt Lake for a few weeks so they drovethe extra four hours to stay with us for a few days. We had to take our friends to Pirate Island Pizza while they were here. This was the biggest pizza we had ever seen. But we learned the hard way that size does not alway equate to taste. It was not good pizza. But the company way fun!

We also took the time to paint toes. Lilac came over for this too so we had seven kids age 5 and under and three women. Jeff was just a little overwhelmed. But it was oh so fun.
Thursday morning came and it was time to say good bye. We had so much fun and we are hoping to see you again guys! We love you!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Best Day Ever!

This was hands down the best Mothers Day ever! What better way to kick off the weekend then washing my Mothers Day gift from 3 years ago. I cant believe we have had this car that long. I love love love it and am so glad we chose this one. That afternoon we went to Costco to get steak for my dinner on Sunday. It was so so good, the best steak I have ever had.

After Costco we stopped by Jeffs Grandmas house to give her a poem that his dad had written to her when he was in 5th grade. We found it in the garage at his moms house and knew it would be the perfect Mothers Day gift. We had a great time visiting. Sunday we went to church then home to relax and have a great day. Cassie vaccumed for me and spent a large portion of the afternoon cleaning her room, which looked phenomenal! Thursday we are going to pick out my new vaccum and get a super soft foam pad for the bed, oh I cant wait!!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Cassies first performance

Cassie had her first Hula performance tonight. She looked so cute but lets just say that she takes after her mother in the coordination and attention department. It was a fun night and I didnt have to cook dinner so that was great too.

There is more then one way to crown a princess

Last night was the crowning of some princesses at the sunbowl. The event was sponsored by the Lions Club and was made even more fun because the drinks and burgers were free!. So we settled in to watch some pretty girls on pretty horses ride around. The burgers were awesome too. The reigning princess was introduced as Princess Cassie. So Cassie turns to me and says that is a good name mom you should call me that. So funny that one.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ladies (and fellas) who lunch

Every Thursday we head over to Bluff Street Park to have some yummy lunch and hang with the girls...and Ryan. I finally remembered to bring my camera this week.

After lunch we get a little crazy and find some creative ways to digest. This week we had sugared pecans and strawberries with homemade poppy seed dressing. It was oh so yummy. Next week, chicken salad on croissants.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


And it was decreed throughout the land that the bestest friend of the pregnant princess was to forsake the land of rain and clouds for a time and vistit the land of the sun with her two little handsome guard men. So it shall be written, so it shall be done!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A milestone

Cassie hit one of her big milestones on Saturday and we are so proud of her. Jeff took her over to the parking lot Saturday and took her training wheels off. She struggled just a bit getting over her initial fear but then she just took off! Next week....Jessies turn.

This was the last run of the day and she smacked right into Ryans car. At least it wasnt a real car...that would have hurt.


There are days, weeks even, in a mothers life where you find yourself dealing with the

not so pleasant side of motherhood. This has been one of those weeks, sort of. I think I may have jinxed myself earlier this week by bragging that Jess had never really thrown up. Ryan has been battling a stomach virus since Thursday when he lost his lunch on the front porch. It was everywhere! His shoes, his shirt, the whole porch, and he even tracked it into the house afterward. Anyway, after Thursday we have been dealing with the other "end" of the virus. So Saturday comes and poor Jessie tells me her stomach hurts. I asked her when the last time she pooped and she just got mad. So she seemed fine the rest of the day until we ventured out in the afternoon. She didnt want to play at Malissas house. And she kept falling asleep in the car. So we stopped at Wendys for dinner and she was just sitting there looking miserable. I didnt push her to eat anything but she tried to be a trooper and eat her nugget. Well one cough later we had an eruption of epic proportions! It was everywhere and it kept coming. I felt so bad for the other three people in the restaurant because we were all sitting kinda close to them. So we made it home and into the tub. You could tell she was feeling better but we werent out of the woods yet. Jeff went up to check on her later and found her in the closet crying because she had "farted gross" yep now she has the other "end" of the mess. So once again I am staying home from church with two sick babies. This too shall pass!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Baby update

I have been feeling the little one more in the last few days, which is a happy feeling for me. I cant help shake the feeling that there is something wrong but I am sure that is all in my head. I have my ultrasound scheduled for May 19th so I am sure if there is something wrong we will find out about it then. Until then we are just living life and keeping a prayer in our hearts. Every little nudge just warms my heart. Keep moving you little sucker!